Sunday, 30 January 2011

Living On The Edge

An overview of one's life pattern reveals that its nature is that of being on the edge of things. Such a lifestyle is one of constant movement which is regarded as a positive thing.

Living on the edge
It seems to me that some people including myself strive to live on the edge. It’s not that we find ourselves in edgy situations accidentally and often, but it’s as if there can be no rest until we are on the edge of anything, be it a physical location, a financial situation, a travel plan, or a mental attitude for that matter.

I find myself living at the water’s edge most of the time, whichever continent or hemisphere I find myself in.  I even find myself visiting places that are on the water’s edge.  Financially, I tend to just about make it until the next pay cheque arrives, as I’m always working on contracts in the academic world of teaching and research.  I travel a lot through my work, and through looking for work, which is how I end up being at the water's edge (mostly) in various places.  Interestingly enough, I always find myself either on the first flight or train or bus of the day or the last one on the schedule.  As for my attitude, I find myself to be a comfortably restless being, always planning my next move in life, making sure I never get too comfortable to reach a state of stagnation.

Sometimes I tend to observe myself, and I wonder if one edgy situation aids the formation of another, thus leading to a chain of such events that shape my life.  My profession is one of marine science, so living at and visiting locations by the water’s edge links up with it, although I’m not sure which happened first, the location or the profession. My financial self-sufficiency largely reliant on the academic contracts keeps me moving places. Again, budget travel routes to get to these places are usually available for trips that start at unsocial hours such as at the edge of dawn or midnight. All in all, I would say that existence on the edge is a dynamic one, where there is more action than inaction, and the movement is generally perceived as being in the forward direction.

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