Sunday, 7 December 2008

A Sunday Medley

Felt justified in being lazy this morning. Some audacity in thinking that it was okay to sleep in. Made it to the meditation venue well before time, but it was not to be. Jonathan did not turn up. Karen turned up just before 10, predictably. Lingered around for a bit, dutifully waiting for any late comer who may turn up, but none did. Walked back home in the biting cold, feeling humbled. Now feeling, as I sit here in the B-Bar café (or the Thai Noodle Bar), trying to make something of the day, that if the commitment to doing something is not there 100%, then there’s no point in doing it. There may be no fruitful outcome to a half-hearted effort. I see it often around me, in fact almost always, everywhere. Incompleteness in the human effort. The inadequacy of the human effort. Hah. Much like the inadequacy of the fossil record – it’s just not there, the missing bits, they’re absent. Hence the story cannot be complete. Only windows to what might have been, or might be.

On a lighter note, this is the perfect moment – just like the girl said in the movie ‘Me, You and Everyone Else We Know.’ A moment steeped in opportunity. So live in it, fully. Thus live it fully.

On another note, can’t help noticing how blends turn out to be far more interesting, colourful and lively than originals. It’s true for cultures (and the people influenced by it), food, music, costumes. It’s true for tea, e.g. PG Tips! The same could be true for transitions in nature, when the night blends into the day, i.e. dawn, and when day blends into the night, i.e. dusk.

Neil Young is lovely, all the time. His song is playing in the background...'The Old Laughing Lady'. Women in this café resemble a Leo woman that I know at work. Perhaps there’s a Leonine atmosphere here. The place is certainly steeped in art – a strong Leonine trait. And this place has got me writing, after ages. There’s also a strong red hue and other bright colours dominating the place. The woman at the counter, keeping the place going, is a Pisces, a creative sign. Besides, I’m wearing an Amethyst-Quartz bracelet. Amethyst is a stone that inspires spirituality and harmony. Quartz is supposed to channelize energy. I do feel the creative energy flowing harmoniously! Recently, I’ve been feeling a strong connection with gemstones. I feel the need to have as many of them as I can. I also want to understand their significance fully. Perhaps it’s a precursor of things to come.

On yet another note, perhaps family members derive a strong sense of self-worth from each other. If, at the end of the day, we do live for others, then perhaps it is important that we play out the role model that we are expected to be...?

Coming back to the café, the art work of a Mongolian artist Tod Otgonbayar are displayed on the walls. It gives a feeling of being bold and unabashed in doing what one does. This feeling has been on the revival of late.