Saturday, 4 February 2012

Right Here, Right Now

On a recent day trip to Teignmouth (an inspirational place indeed), I had this thought come to me that if I can't achieve something that I'd like to, in the present moment or condition that I'm in, then it's almost impossible that I'll be able to achieve it in the future.  If I can't do it now, then what guarantee is there that I'll be able to do it in the future?  The only certainty that I have is of the here and now, nothing can be said with accuracy about what is to come.  Then what is the point of dreaming up something for the future if I'm not able to believe that I can live my dream now?

This came to me in a bit of a raw form as above; I felt that the thought made no sense.  I then had counter thoughts about why should one bother dreaming dreams at all, for surely not all of them can be made to come true in this instance, in the now as it were.  So if they wouldn't come true now, then according to the above logic, they wouldn't come true in the future too.  Thus there was no point to this thought.

I mulled on this further, and slowly came to realise that whatever one aspired for or dreamt of achieving was mainly to do with the feeling associated with the aspiration, dream or achievement.  The actual thing that fructified the achievement was a physical thing, i.e. a change in one's physical circumstances, such as place, job, finances, relationship (presence or absence of someone), possessions and so on.  The feeling that came out of such a change would make all the difference and thus would be life changing, hopefully bringing about a change in one's mental attitude and making the effort worthwhile.

Now that this had come to light, linking it with the here and now made sense.  It has been said before that in order to achieve a goal, the best tactic is to assume that you are already there, i.e. the goal has already been achieved.  This philosophy as I understand it now, has mainly to do with the feeling/attitude/awareness associated with achieving the goal, not so much with the physical attribute of the goal itself.  Thus, if one proceeds with the task of making their dream happen, the feeling that they already own the outcome should necessarily be adopted.  Working towards the goal with such a feeling makes all the difference in many ways.  There is already a feeling of lightness, enthusiasm, joy, peace and a sort of unattachment to the result.  Doing the work then allows you to enjoy the journey to the goal and totally removes the stress element of achieving the result.  The state of happiness that one envisions with one's dream whatever it may be, is already there.  Thus is it possible to achieve, right here, right now.

But hang on, it's not over yet.  From my own experience I know that although I have tried in the past to assume that I'm already at my goal, and have worked with the diligence and sincerity that it takes to reach the goal, it has not been physically achieved after much labour.  How can this happen?  In answer to my querie, I found this article that cleared the glitch ( .  It speaks about an inner resistance that one might have towards one's dream/aspiration that prevents one from achieving it.  For whatever reason, one may not feel deserving of the result, or may not even want it, even though externally one may work hard for it having adopted the attitude stated above.  With such resistance comes doubt, thus the total commitment needed for adopting the 'winner' attitude is not there.  The words by Goethe and W.H. Murray talk about commitment beautifully (  One has to be committed externally through physical effort and internally through the attitude.  I do believe that with such a combination, it is possible to achieve your goal right here and right now.

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  1. All of us at some point of time question the purpose/meaning of existence! No-one finds an answer - everyone finds her/his own comfort zone and gets on with the business of life. Whatever we do while we are on the Journey is our contribution to whatever you believe in be it science - society - family - religion it could be any frame of reference !!