Sunday, 12 December 2010

Harmony in Chennai

It seemed as if the plane was making a larger loop than necessary over the coastal waters of the Indian Ocean before coming in to land into Chennai. A few months ago, I had departed from Chennai on a ship and had sailed into the Indian Ocean. Going seawards, slowly and gently, as the ship parted from the port, seemed natural. Gradually the land dimmed away in the distance. However, seated in a plane flying high, and watching the land-sea boundary dip in and out of view seemed a bit too much to take in. Seeing things on a grand scale was not the norm in life; I was used to seeing things too up close and personally, to be able to appreciate the overview that the plane ride was offering me. The landing was smooth, as it always tends to be in the subcontinent, from my experience. My heart though heavy from the worries of recent events in life, sang out weakly, “Hello Chennai! Here I am!” Every place has an abstract personality to it, perhaps it’s the energy associated with it, which I refer to as its spirit. The spirit of Chennai seemed to me a sympathetic observer that evening. The place appeared to be unusually quiet and nonchalantly peaceful, as if letting me be, the fragile emotional state that I was in. The winter monsoon rains of December had washed off the dust and dirt. Christmas stars lit the doorways of some shops and houses in the streets, next to brightly lit temples. A thin evening mist hung in the air. A short taxi ride brought me to my destination. I thanked the Universe for its kindness, after I had questioned it in a brazen way only a few days ago concerning the events of my life. The Universe had stayed quiet then, and it listened quietly to my heart’s gratitude now.

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